AVAYA Business Partner Products and Solutions

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The MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System has been designed to meet the evolving communications needs of businesses. It's flexible and scalable, and can grow as your company grows, up to 80 lines and 200 extensions.

The Avaya MERLIN MAGIX® Integrated System is the perfect choice for small companies looking for the latest communications features, as well as for larger companies with branch offices. The system's networking capabilities let multiple locations communicate across the public telephone network or across an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

You can easily enhance your Avaya MERLIN MAGIX® Integrated System by adding any of a growing number of e-business, customer service, or computer telephony integration (CTI) applications available from Avaya and Avaya's Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners around the world.

The Avaya MERLIN MAGIX® Integrated System will give you the leading-edge communication capabilities you need to compete successfully in today's marketplace:

• Full communications capabilities via the phone, Web, video, or e-mail
"Always on" high-speed Internet access
• Call center support for personalized, around-the-clock customer service
Comprehensive messaging
• Support for wireless phones for mobility management
• Powerful cost savings through equipment and network optimization, including multi-site networking

The Avaya MERLIN MAGIX® Integrated System is easy to administer and maintain, helping you save time and money.

Programming is quick and simple with Windows-based System Programming and Maintenance (WinSPM) software, a user-friendly, graphical user interface (GUI) which provides on-screen icons and menu choices to guide you through the administration process.

WinSPM software provides convenient access to your current system information, giving you a comprehensive picture of your system and station programming, instead of isolated features or function screens.


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