Administration and end-user training is an ongoing process. When your system is brand new, a single training sesson on day one is all that is needed to keep your business up and running. But what about Day 100? By that time you have a better understanding of not only how the new system works and you may want to make changes. Most companies alow a specified number of hours to complete your training sessions, and follow-up training hours are billable. Or they say their training is so good, you won’t need follow up (i.e. its billable) Or the system is so simple, it will train itself…

Good training is a requirement
to a good working system.

Our training package and materials have been copied by many of our competitors for one simple reason: its that good.

Our training consists of:

  • video tapes
  • online access
  • simple word documents
  • manufacturer training material
  • remote administration packages (on most systems)
  • Onsite factory certified professional training staff


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